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RE: arrow speed

Postby ARROWSMITH » Wed Aug 20, 2008 1:18 pm

As far as going to another shop is concerned, I'm a small shop owner and I jump at the oportunity to meet/make a new customer.  Truth be told the chrono itself doesn't make the shop owner money the new contacts/customers that it brings in does.  This is why shop owners don't charge for chrono use.  If they do leave the shop don't go back and make sure you tell your friends not to go there either. because if he charges you for chrono use, he'll probably want $5 or $10 to put on that new part you just bought off of him to.

Lot to Learn
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RE: arrow speed

Postby Lot to Learn » Wed Aug 20, 2008 3:17 pm

Sounds good. From what I hear of this other shop they are very good to work with. I really like the guy I bought my bow from also but it is a limited shop.  To be honest, window sticker, cards, everything that came with my bow are in my case. I will pull all that out and take a look. Thanks again.

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RE: arrow speed

Postby howhill1 » Wed Aug 20, 2008 3:53 pm

the lack of competant pro shops heavy on competant in my area were nill when i started shooting so i became a do it yourselfer. i thouroughly enjoy preparing my tackle for its intended purpose. 90%percent of your maintance/repairs can be done right at home with a modest investment. for example a chrono can be had for less than $100. ther is a plethora of information on tunig and maintance. i hope i didnt step on anyones toes in trying to encourage someone to do there own work. another thing to consider about speed. i feel that speeds much over 270 make broadhead tuning more difficult, hence the massive movement toward expandables. im shooting about 260. i use one pin out to 30 yards. the longest shot i have made in the woods is 28 yards and that was a doozy, truth be told it was a shot i probably should have and wouldnt take today. consider the hunting you intend to do. a heavier slightly slower arrow is going to penetrate better and get there quieter. but i guess to answer your question a chrono is the only way to tell your fps. 
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