deer behaviour : early and late season

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deer behaviour : early and late season

Postby Don_deerhunting » Wed Nov 30, 2011 9:38 am

Hey guys, does anybody have an opinion ( :lol: ) of how deer would behave at the start of a season compared to the end of a season ?

For example, Shotgun season has just started and I was out yesterday but didn't see anything, didn't hear anything. Location was theoretically good, with a few trails, but clearly not "in" at this time. At the end of the season, ie next week, when there has been a lot of hunting activity, would deer migrate to previously unfrequented areas as opposed to the "over shot" areas of early season ?
Hope I was clear.

happy huntin'.

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Re: deer behaviour : early and late season

Postby heightman » Wed Nov 30, 2011 11:25 am

While it may be true that hunting pressure will effect a deer's movement. A deer has a "set" area it moves about in over a period of a few day's to a week. Wandering it's "home" range. I started hunting in the 70's and still find it hard to figure out just where the deer will be as the season progress's. Most times it seem's that they just get more noctornal. Weather has alot to do with their movement as well. I have hunted in areas were there was alot of action with plenty of shoot's being taken around me,lots of good sign,fresh scrapes and rubs. Then you get 5-6 inches of snow and not a track to be found for a few days.
I have been hunting in a state forest know for about 6 years and have found that hunting pressure has little effect on deer movement as the deer are use to people in the area. With people hiking,mountain bike riding or just walking the deer do not seem to be bothered. Opening day as I was moving from on area to another I stopped in between to sit for a few minutes and have a cigarette. Just after I sat down and lit up a doe came walking in my direction. She walked within 20 yards of me before she stopped and looked straight at me my cigarette burned out in my mouth as she stared at me. She then started to walk even closer to me and at one point was no more than 20 feet from me and never spooked. But with no anterless permit all I could do was watch her. When she walked behind me I decided to see if I could get my sights onto her with out getting busted. I did get her in my sights not once but 3 different times and never got busted. Either she is used to people or I am dam good at sneaking into position. I would say more than likely that it is that she is used to people. I can not see how she did not at least wind me.

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Re: deer behaviour : early and late season

Postby Proline » Thu Dec 01, 2011 11:55 am

First off just remember this is Mass so not a seeing a deer on a given day means nothing. We aint got many. But I agree with the above comment they stay within their home range for the most part. They know where the best security cover is in their range and they use it to their advantage. During gun season when they are getting bumped around they certainly decrease daylight movement and move more in the dark.

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