Wolves vs. Whitetail vs Moose

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Wolves vs. Whitetail vs Moose

Postby mirvingm » Tue Jul 27, 2010 9:57 am

Just My two cents about the DNR and our wolf situation in Michigan especially the Upper Peninsula.

Back about the mid 80's The DNR reintroduced the Moose to the UP. A friend of mine was a member of a committee. At some of the meetings the statement was made that [color="#ff0000"]"there will be a thriving moose herd in the UP"!

[color="#000000"]What is one of the main reasons for moose mortality in the wild? Brain-worm![/color][/color] Where do moose get brain-worm? Whitetails! What kills whitetails? Wolves! Get the picture now!

Is the DNR really worried about the whitetail numbers the same way hunters are concerned? I don't think so. I believe the statement about a moose herd still stands, but at the expense of the whitetail numbers. Now we have wolves doing the dirty work of thinning out the deer herd and we can not do anything because the wolves are federally protected. That gives the State DNR the excuse of not being able to regulate the wolf numbers. Now add in the reality that yes there are cougars in the UP as well. What is a concerned hunter to do?????????  What is more important "What if I'm right"

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RE: Wolves vs. Whitetail vs Moose

Postby motorbreaker » Tue Jul 27, 2010 11:16 am

What do you think the wolves will eat when the whitetails are gone.
What Moose?

I seen a wolve in Alcona county in 2003. At 25yds with a30.06
in my hand. When it seen me and took off, Shots rang out till
I couldnt hear them anyone. My buddies thought I was crazy
till we all seen one cross the road in front of us. Jake

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RE: Wolves vs. Whitetail vs Moose

Postby DeerCamp » Tue Aug 03, 2010 6:39 pm

How many moose are in Michigan? I have been unable to find that out. I have seen a few wolves while hunting and I have heard a lot. I wish they would be taken off the list so we could hunt them.. Might even bring in some out of staters, which in return will bring in more cash for us.
"If I pull the hammer and shoot this young buck, he's dead. But if I pass on him, the next hunter might not shoot so straight."

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