Grill chunks

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Grill chunks

Postby motorbreaker » Mon Jul 26, 2010 12:20 pm

When prossing your deer or getting it done, Cut the backstraps in
six inch long pices.
When ready to cook, Cover the loin with olive oil, Pour on the
seasoning, Rub it in real good, And through on the grill.
Start out pretty hot, Blacken the meat, Reduce heat, Cook to medium
rare at most, Never poke or cut the meat. The chunk should be a little
jiggally. If it gets firm its over cooked. Remove from heat, Let stand
5 to 10 minnits. Cut thin and chow.

Fot turkey breast, Cut into chicken breast size chunks, And follow
the above directions.

I use my friends concoption for seasoning. But trust me you cant go
wrong unless you over cook the meat.

There are also some very good cuts in the hinds, I chunk them up and
cook them the same way.
You can always thaw and cut later if you want to do something else
with the meat. The meat freezes better in a bigger chunk anyway.

Gotta go, I'm getting hungery. Jake

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