Wildgame Camera Reviews

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RE: Wildgame Camera Reviews

Postby DeerAddict » Thu Mar 10, 2011 8:50 pm

Mine are still giving me good pics...





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Re: Wildgame Camera Reviews

Postby CallMaker » Sat Jun 11, 2011 8:29 pm

I purchased an x6c in January. Ran the camera in my yard at night a lot in temps in the low teens and up. Good pictures of deer and excellent battery life. Lots of flash range. Later I put it up at my hunting site and have good day pix of deer, bear, coyote and bobcat. Liked it so well I bought another and placed it last week to take videos along side the one taking stills. Should be interesting to see the results. I find it to be a great camera that can be had for less that a hundred bucks. The small size is a plus as well.

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Re: Wildgame Camera Reviews

Postby fr0sty » Sun Jun 19, 2011 8:52 pm

I purchased my IR4 last summer. I used it all fall and winter. Just visited it in the swamp this weekend to pull the card and put in some fresh cells. It had been running the same set of energizer batteries since February. I was surprised to see it was still running. Thought for sure the batteries would be long dead.

I don't have exact number, but I believe the pic count on those batteries was around 1,500 images.

Some random comments.

IR range is average to slightly below average. 15 to 20 feet is about it. Have trees to bounce the light helps.
IR distance drops way off with near zero and sub zero temps because of the alkaline batteries I used.
Sub zero temps caused the IR filter to stick some times.
Trigger speed is so so. It does best over a food source. I have a salt lick on mine. I also put down some acorns this winter.
Pic quality is ok.
Batter life is really quite good. I suspect the IR range and poor cold weather performance could be improved with NiMH batteries.

Overall, I am pleased with the IR4 when using it within it's limitation. When placed over a food source/bait is where the IR4 is best suited. Above average battery helps to offset the other lesser qualities of this cam.

The IR4 is all set over my salt lick spot. I put my reconyx further in the swamp on a trail where it can do what it does best. Can't wait to see how both cams are doing in a couple months.

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Re: Wildgame Camera Reviews

Postby 3 to 1 » Sat Sep 10, 2011 7:51 am

I bought a 2/pak of the cheaper Wildgame 2.0 cams last year and had to take them back to the store. The function keys didn't always work and then I had to pull the batteries out to get it to shut off . I gave the wildgame cams one more chance when I found an IR4.0 with battery pack and 2 sd cards for under $100. I would give it a B or B+ rating. I have a Wildview w/flash I got for $79 a couple of years ago. Same thing B or B+ rating. It seems like the cheaper you go the more likely to have a problem. I had a moultrie DI-40 w/flash it was GREAT A+ ($99 a few yrs ago) . I sent it back to have work done (faded readout) this past spring. They sent me a new M-45. I just started using it. Not as good as original. I get a lot of streaky pics. I may send it back again. My vote would be WILDVIEW or MOULTRIE. or spend a lil' extra on the Wildgames.

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Re: Wildgame Camera Reviews

Postby rmontez » Thu Sep 29, 2011 8:08 am

I think every camera will have a good/bad story depending on who's telling the story. I used Wildgame cams for a little while, I stopped using the two I had when I went to the woods to change the batteries and the thing started on fire. Flames and sparks came shooting out of the memory card slot and the camera was dead. I had good luck so far with the cuddeback expert but no luck with the cuddeback capture. I have started buying Primos Cam46 because of the slot for putting in a cable lock. They seem to be working fine. When I can stomach the $200 I will try the black out by Primos.

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Re: Wildgame Camera Reviews

Postby Cal » Wed Oct 05, 2011 12:31 pm

10-5-11-a 133.jpg
10-5-11-a 133.jpg (217.85 KiB) Viewed 6914 times
I've had 2 of the IR4s for about a year now.

Pros: Exelent battery life with the external battery packs
No white out pics
Few false triggers(pics of nothing) when set north or south

Cons:Slow trigger time (about 2 seconds)
Poor flash range
Some very dark pics at prime time(dawn & dusk)
The suplied bungy cords realy limit your mounting options
Large file size relative to pic quality

They do suprise me with a nice pic now and then

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Re: Wildgame Camera Reviews

Postby 3 to 1 » Tue Dec 20, 2011 7:59 pm

Well I said I would give Wild game inno. one more chance. I got the IR4 last year . Warranty is 1yr. Here I am 1yr. and 2months later with a dead IR4. It took nice pics while it WORKED. The Moultrie I 45 didn't make it more than a yr. either. I guess all those camera companies figure if non of them have customer satisfaction and life span than who can the customer turn to. I'm in the process of testing the Primos IR-46. Only had it for a couple of weeks. If you hunt public land and may get your camera stolen, I guess the cheappos are o.k. just in case...
Man this camera stuff is getting expensive. Good thing the wife is into hunting too, or I'ld be in dog house with all this camera stuff.

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Re: Wildgame Camera Reviews

Postby fr0sty » Fri Dec 23, 2011 11:25 am

My IR4 crapped out after about 16 months of use. WGI replaced it with no questions, even though it was 4 months out of warranty.

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Re: Wildgame Camera Reviews

Postby stormm4 » Wed Mar 14, 2012 8:09 am

I bought the Micro 8 and love it. takes great pics and lots of range.

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Re: Wildgame Camera Reviews

Postby bulltalk » Thu May 31, 2012 12:32 pm

Total junk cameras, I could build 2 trail cameras that have 1.2 second trigger times and never miss a pic and the batt life is 2 months for the price of one of these.


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