Need help on my knight krb7

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Need help on my knight krb7

Postby Chris_the_Plumber » Sat Dec 24, 2011 10:19 pm

Hi, I am new to this forum and actually came here for some help. I have recently purchased a knight krb7 for a very cheap price. Well my cheapness has come back to bite me in the a$$. Turns out the barrel has been drilled "off" from the factory for the open sights. Knight said they were more than willing to take care of this but of course I currently am using if for our blackpowder season here in iowa. All this aside my other problem with the gun is I have the wood laminated stock on it which is big and bulky and just doesn't feel right. I have purchased the synthetic stock set up, which has more of a raise come and a little more drop in the handle for it. My problem is inside the butt of the gun to remove it there is some kind of hex head bolt with a metal point in the center, so a regular hex won't work, that holds the butt of the gun on. How I remove this? i can't find any tool on knights sight or a random google search. Also the screw for the forearm is now about 1/4 short but I should be able to pick on of those up at any hardware store I would think. Please and thank you any and all help would be appretiated.

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Re: Need help on my knight krb7

Postby kellory » Sun Dec 25, 2011 12:24 am

Chris, first off, welcome to the forum! Second, I am no gunsmith, and am unfamilar with your gun. However, after that... What you are discribing sounds like a security screw. We use them in my job. They are designed specificly to prevent amatuers from getting into things. They require a special hex driver to install and remove. they are hardened, so do not attempt to drill out the center post. You will either brake your bit, get hurt, or damage your gun. You can purchace sucurity bits at some tool companies, and sometimes I have seen sets for sale at tool expos. But my recommendation would be to let the gunsmith do the swap for you, or at least talk with ine before attempting this. He might give you a hand, or simply remove the screw for you, and tighten it for you once you are done. Just my $.02 worth. :)
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