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RE: shooting far

Postby Highlander Archery » Mon Oct 13, 2008 6:21 am

Simple solution, switch to a single pin sliding sight like the IMPACT ARCHERY COSMIC or SightMaster sights. These allow you the ability to shoot multiple yardages without having a bunch of pins stacked on each other. All you have to do is set the pin at a yardage you are comfortable with during the season and leave it there.

As your experience and confidence at longer ranges grows you can leave the slider loose till you range the shot and quickly tighten if needed(some sights use a drive mechanism to move the pin and are solid).

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RE: shooting far

Postby stormshooter4 » Tue Nov 18, 2008 9:21 am

I do have to agree with Woods Walker. His last line, "the farther away the animal is, the more that can go wrong". Speaking from experience 2 weeks ago, I had a 10 point at 29 yards, broadside,relaxed, and unaware I was there. At the sound of the string, he didn't duck or squat down, he turned sideways. I shoot carbon arrows which brought up the speed but. I had aimed on the chest and when he turned, the arrow went in front of his rear leg and exited out behind his front leg on the opposite side. My Thunderhead did it's job but if he would of had a few more feet between him and me, he would have turned farther and my arrow would have sailed by him.
  So the farther they are away from you, the bigger the chance something can go wrong.
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