Primos Truth Cam reviews

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Re: Primos Truth Cam reviews

Postby Meules37 » Wed Oct 26, 2011 8:25 am

Just wanted to give an update about the Primos Truth Cams. I bought the Truth Cam 46 last Christmas (2010) from Cabelas, and while it took great daytime pictures, and pretty good night pictures, there was a very loud "thud" sound when the shutter went off in the IR mode. In August my camera stopped working, and I sent it back to Primos and they sent me a brand new one, no questions ask. They sent me their newest model of the 46. There is still a little thud sound when the camera switches from IR to daytime, or visa versa, but once the switch is made, there are no more sounds. It still takes great pictures both at night and during the day. The battery life on the new camera is MUCH better than the old one as well. The old one I was replacing batteries once a month, this one I've put had the same batteries in since August and it still says 85% battery life. The packaging on the newer version talks about having 200% better battery life, and capabilities of taking 30,000 pictures on one set of batteries. The old version's packaging says nothing about battery life.
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Re: Primos Truth Cam reviews

Postby Chainsaw » Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:54 am

I have had a truth cam #35 on the trail where deer cross in my acerage since Dec 26 of 2011. The camera works well and takes great daytime pics while the night pics are typical IR type photos. Of course all I can compare it to in real life is my Cuddeback Capture Flash which takes great nightime pics. The better nightime pics allow you to identify detail better. In the case of a big antlered buck it doesn't matter as both cameras identify what you have in the pic. The #35 during the day takes a somewhat darker pic on the first exposure when it's coming out of the "sleep mode", then takes great pics depending on the light at the camera placement. I would say the range is 30-35'. I keep mine set at one minute and single pics and the lowest sensitivity setting.

As far as using an IR camera I suppose (from reading) that the only ones the deer don't look at all the time is the blackout type camera. I notice deer staring at the #35 the same way they stare at the Cuddeback flash.

My #35 is a good value for the selling price. Mine was packaged as having "200% more battery life" and silent operation as I can not hear any audible clunk with this #35 as others have reported. If the #35 took better nightime pics, my rating would go from very good to excellent. Definately would purchase again.

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Re: Primos Truth Cam reviews

Postby q2hogdog » Sat Aug 25, 2012 10:41 pm

I have a Primos 46 and it is a good camera. I bought it at Walmart for $99 and got the swiveling mounting bracket too. I also got a 3 year ext warranty for about 15 dollars. Great deal !!
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