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Ted Nugent

Postby bmstaaf » Sun Jan 08, 2012 9:00 pm

I was watching teds show he brought a pa wildlife agency president from sw pa (not sure what agency) ..well to the point he quoted one of the Pgcb board member quotes talking about how the Pgcb ruined pa hunting and its tradition.. what are you thoughts on this?

He said that the state relied on non-residents for funding we are losing them, kids, and weekend worriors...I guess I found it striking because he blamed it on the slaughtering of deer over the past 8 years.. what is an agency suppose to do to make everyone happy? Can everyone be happy? Do we need to go back to old ways?

Personally I think what the pgcb did was amazing, but I somewhat agree the tradition is on its way out..I can't determine if its a good thing or bad? I am young and not stuborn with change, just looking for your opinions...do we still need to look at different structures or have we found it?

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Re: Ted Nugent

Postby scotman » Sun Jan 08, 2012 11:36 pm

PGC reports general hunting license sales have dropped from 1,047,820 in 2001 to 964,158 last year, with additional nonresident sales.
That was in 2007...

The number of hunters in Pennsylvania jumped from 879,000 in 2001 about 1 million in 2006, says the survey.


Sounds like the numbers are fluctuating. If todays numbers are not below or even slightly below 879,000 in 2001 then I would say that Ted is making a big deal out of nothing. You gotta think what affects hunting? For one the current state of the economy affects hunting numbers afield... is the economy in a recession?, how about job layoffs?..so yea if hunter numbers are down they are not due to the lack of interest but do to the lack that people feed their families before enjoying other luxuries in life like hunting.

People need to start looking at the big picture and think for themselves and stop letting second rate celebs dictate how they think. I'm not saying that is your case. I am saying Ted will do anything to regain the spotlight on any issue that affects hunting to support the sale of his self endorsed hunting products. He is a big drama queen.
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Re: Ted Nugent

Postby danesdad » Thu Jan 26, 2012 11:24 pm

It is true that the tradition of deer hunting in PA is dying, but the way the PGC handles the herd is only part of the problem. Hunting is a free time activity and there is less free time in families than there used to be.
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Re: Ted Nugent

Postby bmstaaf » Sun Jan 29, 2012 6:20 pm

I could not agree more with both of the responses..guess I was looking for different views..hobbies are expensive, if you love it you stick with it and spend the money..if its something you like to do once a year for fun..well economically families have to save somewhere...this is one sport you won't see me put by the waist side..peaceful, exciting, and nothing gives me a better rush then a monster coming in chasing that doe.. I will say this I don't have kids, I'm actually getting married this year, but its in the contract that I still get some time to myself...hopefully someday I will have a life long hunting partner as my dad has..

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