Smallest Caliber To Protect Yourself?

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Re: Smallest Caliber To Protect Yourself?

Postby kellory » Sun Feb 05, 2012 11:42 am

JPH wrote:It is a great and endless discussion. The .45 is a cool and macho round that will do the job every time, but as you said, weight and accessibility are equally important.

I initially went with the Glock 9mm because it came with the endorsement of my close cousin (a NY State Trooper) and my childhood best friend (now a Portland, OR police officer). They both swear by the reliability and magazine capacity.

As for the question I asked above regrading backpcking. A shoulder rig won't do with my pack. I have hip pockets that I can reach that will hold the 9mm but the hip straps would not ride comfortably over long miles. I'd love to carry the 9mm in a leg rig but some states do not allow open carry. On the other hand, the .25 seems to be nothing more than a way to piss someone or something off. I think my best solution may be to stow the 9mm on an outside pocket of my pack and rely on my ability to see trouble brewing far enough ahead to take it off. Not a great battle plan, I know.

To be honest, I only go armed about 5% of the time anyway. I'd just like to have that option when I'm well beyond the reach of any help.

Another reason for a .45, I located a company that makes specialty ammo. they make aerial flares in red and green that can be fired with a .410. each one is about the size of the brass on a .410 shell. All other flares I have found are 12ga. or 35mm marine flares. And "macho" doesn't play into it, versatility does. anything from snake loads, to hollow points, shot shells or slugs, or flares, depending upon need. If you are going to carry in a pocket though, the hammer could poise a problem and hang up. I had a raven .25 years ago. Piece of crap kept jamming all the time, even after being worked on by a gunsmith. I crushed it to make sure no one ever used it again.You know about Glaser shells? Kinetic explosion on impact? used by air marshals.
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