Ready to jump out of my skin.......

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Ready to jump out of my skin.......

Postby msbadger » Sat Sep 20, 2008 11:25 am

4 more weeks to go ...I'm shooting great...plots are getting hammered and this is what happens today....
 Guy  I've talk about before... the town gossip...calls at 7am...I had bear break into my chicken coop and kill a chicken...his girl friend goes out to feed the chickens and the bear is across the creek 20yds away eating the chicken...So Mr.B says go take pics...paw print he claimed was 6 in was 4in and yep windows broken and chicken tore apart ....while talking to him out come a doe.... spike and 4pt casually strolling past us at about 17yds ...they...ssshhhh feed them.........deer acted just as tame as can be and he says hhhmmm the 8pt should be along soon [8|]....he's 1/2 mile from us and bear season is suppose to be open for us here...this year...
 Then I'm way behind getting fire wood for camp out of  our woods.... so off I go with the tractor....after several loads I stop to stretch my back and start cleaning a path between stands of downed limbs from storm....there 15yds from one stand is a fresh rub....drop off wood and go up hill to get stuff I cut last's in between another couple of stands....see some low hanging branches I go to break off ...after loading tractor and bingo ...another fresh rub 20 yrds from a stand.....headed back to house on trail and realize I better keep my eyes open...behind the ridge stand 60yds is an even bigger rub..[:D]
 Well for the life of me I can't remember if it's younger or older buck that make first rubs...and if they'er early if it's due to less or more buck in area...I'm so stoked!...My scapes were hit way early and hard and now rubs ..I'll tell ya we NEVER see rubs around here until late Oct....opinions guys ..what do ya think?

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RE: Ready to jump out of my skin.......

Postby howhill1 » Sun Sep 21, 2008 6:38 am

its always been my opinion that all bucks have a constant desire to rub trees. kind of like a dog marking your truck tire. the one thing that will keep them from it is velveted antler which is tender. i think once they harden they'll start making they're sign posts.
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