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Postby bullwinkle » Mon Apr 02, 2012 7:35 pm

Did a little reading about DMAP. I hunted on a club in La that participated in this years ago. It worked for them but they controlled something like 4000 acres. I don't know that the Wisconsin landowners will embrace this program. States like Virginia and Pennsylvania do have programs. I don't know how well they are working?

My key take aways regarding DMAP programs are:

1. On a county basis, the biologist and landowner assess the deer population and adminster doe tags. These can be privately used or given out to friends or the public.

2. You can only shoot antler less deer. No extra bucks can be taken

3. Each deer is weighed, jaw bones removed for aging and the deer are checked for health and milk production. Data is gathered and analyzed.

It specifically stated that this program is for the health of the habitat and not for antler growth or to be used to grow deer populations!!!!!!

It would work for me (if you didn't have to run every doe to the registration station) since I have too many does but I would imagine this program could further drive wedges between neighbors with different goals.

This will be an interesting to watch bounce as it unfolds. I think the vast majority of people want more deer not less.

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