Shed antlers

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Shed antlers

Postby charlie 01 » Wed Apr 04, 2012 11:10 pm

In the June issue of Deer & Deer Hunting. Did anyone read Joe Shead's article " 10 Tips on finding more antlers? All and all good info except for " the timeing of your search". I would not suggest waiting for the Month of March to look for sheds on your private land. In this day and age, the popularity of shed hunting is growing to the point of people tresspassing to steal antlers from your property. And the populatity of using dogs to find antlers makes it that much easier to work your property. Last year a friend of mine had trail cam pics of people carrying sheds and with the use of dogs. Another friend said there was a guy in his area that would just park on the road at any property and let out his dogs to look for antlers. He evidently had then trained to range, find, and bring back to the vehicle. All he did was just sit in the truck and reap the harvest of antlers off anyones property. I would check the place for sheds as much as I could, way before March comes.
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