Finesse Treestand Hunting

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Finesse Treestand Hunting

Postby Jimbo » Tue May 29, 2012 2:29 pm

Looking for your input and opinions on something I've been thinking about this off season.

I hunt a small parcel of private land. I have a good handle on deer movement, and I've identified two new stand locations that I am itching to put a stand in.

Both locations are kind of out in the open. One tree is a mature oak with adequate limb/foliage cover, but the tree is out in the open and the majority of deer pass very close to this tree. The other tree is the only climbable tree along a creek drainage with lots of small trees and brush that has a well used rub line leading up to and past this tree.

I usually use climbing sticks to get in and out of my stand. In these two new stands I am considering going old school and use screw in steps.

It's always bothered me how visible the straps are that I use to attach my climbing sticks. I can spot them (the horizontal black shape) from great distances in the woods. If I can see them, so can the deer.

That said, I've not observed any deer avoiding my stands because of them seeing and identifying my straps. But, I'm just interested in putting all the odds in my favor in my two new stand locations.



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Re: Finesse Treestand Hunting

Postby SwampLife » Tue May 29, 2012 7:11 pm

Put them up in spring or early summer, you will be fine. If the straps bother you that much cut some burlap and leave it shaggy/shredded, put it in between the strap and tree before you tighten and let it hang over covering the straps. Looks very natural, I use moss because it is everywhere most places I hunt.
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