Public Land In Cook County

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Re: Public Land In Cook County

Postby kellory » Fri Jun 08, 2012 7:46 pm

kellory wrote:
Big Horse wrote:
Woods Walker wrote:As much as I love that idea of giving Illinois a Chicago enema....a permanent will never happen. We'll have CCW before we have that.

Maybe we can give it to Canada. They can access through the lake. :D

Tha :( t's it, let's piss off yet another country. ;)

Better yet, sell it to the Chinese, It could no longer control Illinois, they could store all the building they have bought so far there, Obama would have a pocket of Communism to try his policies out on, and being it's own territory, they could call it OBAMAnation. (tongue firmly in cheek) ;)
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Re: Public Land In Cook County

Postby jonny5buck » Sat Jun 09, 2012 7:20 pm

Guys even though i understand a portion of what is being said is kidding....i have nothing against Chi-town...

The politicians are the worst in arguement there..esp. with their gun policies that they try to push through to the rest of Illinois...

I may have more foot on the ground exp. in that city than most posting on here,,i drove in to downtown and every portion ofthe suburbs around Chicago for 15 yrs or more..than the the drive back on the Eisenhower in 20 mile an hour traffic jam ...EVERY SINGLE day ...!!

Thats part of big city ..bad traffic ..but on the positive side....they have if not the best ..than some of the best hospitals around for sure...also if you haven't driven or taking transit downtown for at least one day/night of fine food you ARE missing a great opt.

There is every ethnic group of food establishments that you could dream of...i have ate at quite a few over the yrs...than there is the skirts...[hope this doesnt get me in trouble] but part of our routine as construction workers was to sit outside the high-rises we worked in and enjoy the beautiful women walking by...''my lord''...gorgeous!!....i also had the opt. of carpeting some of the sky-boxes at cellular field..So i agree that the politicians can take a short walk off navy pier....and the traffic would make a saint cuss...but i took the time to enjoy myself over the yrs working downtown....i worked on jobs with hundreds of construction workers... i got to ride in a ''skip'' to my floor of the building....i also ate some great food and made quite a few serious friends over the don't take offense to my post on how the city isn't all bad


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