Moultrie Only For Me

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Moultrie Only For Me

Postby DEER30 » Fri Jun 29, 2012 10:10 pm

We at DEER30 Outdoors love our cameras. We use Primos, Cuddyback, and especially Moultrie cameras. But for me, its Moultrie only. I have been using their cameras since 2008 and have loved each model I have tried. I do not remember the models from '08 but these cameras are rugged, fast, and the pictures are so clear that I have printed some and framed them in my office. I purchased the Game Spy D-55 IR last year and also had great success. This year's purchase is the M-100 mini cam. We used one last year in VA and so I purchased one to use in MD this year. It is also very fast and the picturs are fantastic! See for youself the quality of photos taken in our Trail Cam Galleries at

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