What food plots are you planting and why?

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What food plots are you planting and why?

Postby jbekes » Thu May 03, 2012 12:57 pm

Just wondering what people are planting for the up coming season and what your reasons are for planting it.

We are planting sunflowers for the doves then for the deer we are planting Soybeans, Turnips, and Milo. Last year we planted Milo and Turnips for the first time and the deer were in there eatign the heads off of the stocks like crazy and we had great luck with the Turnips and the deer were in there also when the weather was cold, the only problem was we didn't have much cold weather this year so we weren't able to take advantage of the good crop.
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Re: What food plots are you planting and why?

Postby msbadger » Thu May 10, 2012 11:40 am

hey...sorry for the late reply...16 post.... new, so welcome aboard....I plant a lot of different things few many different reasons...If the weather ever turns...... I'll be planting Sunn hemp and quail and Topgun soybeans also mixed in will be a little corn and sunflowers...the Soybeans are climbers....this are will be three fold planting....a road barrier...and great feed for the deer ...turkey and what else decides it likes it...but also for much needed soil improvement..after corn plantings....which is what the Hemp is for..

Alfalfa because the local farmers are in a 5 year rotation of corn /alfalfa...plus a new 200acres of corn next to us is going in...they killed down the alfalfa fields and are planting corn...thus my taking one of my annual areas and planting alfalfa....Clov,.because the corn gets chopped for silage thus gone and alfalfa goes dormant.... but the clover will stay lush under the snow...the usual turnips for late winter food should we get heavy snows...grain sorghum...it was to be for my chickens but I believe our growing season is too short...but...the deer did eat the immature seed heads and i tlodged badly last year...which ended up smothering weeds in that new plot...so I have another large new area to plant the left over seed in ...... and buckwheat...new area and deer/ turkey love it...... cheap and really does the soil good

Happy planting and have a great season
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Re: What food plots are you planting and why?

Postby 1-GTOHunter » Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:00 pm

In the Spring this year we planted white clover,rape,brassicas and purple top turnips because its a good easy crop that the Deer like a lot...plans for this Fall are pretty similar but we are going with mostly clover in the food plots while adding some more brassicas and rape with a mixture of Ground Hog Raddishes into the equation.We heard several other Hunters brag on them so they will be added into the food plots to see how well they grow and if the Deer like them?

I also plan on planting some of the Whitetail Institutes Tall Tine Tubars which is 3 types of hardy Turnips to see how well they do also,these will be in a food plot by themselve so I can monitor them closely and see how well they do....only thing I might add is the above Hog Raddishes so I can tell them apart?We don't have a lot of Crop Land where we hunt and the Deer hit the food plots hard each year especially if the Acorn Crop is down.

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