Moe is gone & IDNR stinks

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Moe is gone & IDNR stinks

Postby luvhuntin » Thu Jul 05, 2012 8:58 pm

hey fellas how`s it going. I had an experience monday and tuesday with the IDNR that has left me well... if you guys outside of iowa think we take our deer seriously here we do`nt. oh we like to beat our chests over it and charge you like it`s the only one left in the state but IDNR could really care less.

Monday night the wife and i had finished supper. I went out & turned the sprinkler on I had in the front yard. why? i dunno! it`s been so hot here for so long the dirt sizzles when water hits it.
I look back at it now and I guess I just knew it needed to be on. not long after i came back in the house the doorbell rang & the wife went to get it. I could hear her talking to someone with a female voice but could`nt hear what she was saying, all of a sudden my wife let out a huge gasp, you know the one when you hear it. you get that instant uh oh in your gut? next thing She is yelling for me to come see the baby deer in our yard (yeah uh oh)

now on any given night we can take a 10 minute drive from the house and see deer, weather is the only thing that dictates how many we see. but the terrain features and lack of cover and food keep the deer from coming anywhere near the house. the closest i have ever seen one alive was three blocks away during rut so that was a fluke. so when I went out the frt door and laid eyes on this fawn i knew it was long long odds mom was anywhere near and the possibility of her making it to our place during the night to give the little guy some much needed nutrition were not in the cards.
then the neighbor tells me it had been there since noon that day.. UGGH! The Neighbor had already called animal control. the response,, wild animal? nope we do`nt take care of those leave it alone. CLICK. So i called our local not so conservation officer, leave it till morning mom will come back for it. ok, well what about how hard this thing is breathing? this things chest is just heaving with every breath it`s been here since noon and the front of my house is brick faces west and that`s where the deer is! it`s probably half baked already. It`ll be fine look i`m not some tree hugging kook i hunt deer i know this happens but i`m telling you it`s not normal. it`s ok leave it till morning mom will come back for it. OK what if she do`nt! weeell give me a call then.while this was all going on the sprinkler had cooled off the air near the house quite a bit and the fawn started working his way out of the bush into the yard and laying in the cooled grass just out of the sprinklers reach but enough to get the cool breeze. well he was still there in the morning and laying in the yard totally exposed now. I took the morning off work since the wife was going to be home that day. i had too, she was really getting worked up over this. I got a call back at 8;30 i asked if there was a deer farm or a rescue outfit that may be able to help weeell yeah there are some but this time of year their full i have to find a place for it. well i`ll make a donation to help them out. well i`ll come and get it.ok what time do you think you`ll be here? i`m not sure but it`ll be sometime this morning ok i`ll be here, at 11:30 he still had`nt showed so i called him back i asked him if he was on his way weeell i`m talking to the county attorney right now. ok well i`m not only in hot water with the wife over this now i`m in hot water with my boss all because i tried to handle this through the proper channels. i`m going to leave for work if i get home and have a dead deer in my yard when i get home i will raise hell. oh one way or another it will be gone. so i called before i left work and asked him if i needed to check the yard when i got home nope we were there we got him he had two broken back legs so we had to put him down! i heard from the neighbor yesterday they were out here at 1:00 then headed to a grocery store up the street and had lunch!? can anyone give me a good reason to ever dial these as@@#)) number again.& instead go out there, check the deer out myself and if i deem it too damaged to live kill it myself and move on? or i supposed i could call him next time tell him i`m on my way out to kill another fawn in my yard and if he wants to, bring his ticket book i`ll go get some gravy from the grocery store!

I`m supposed to make a quick humane kill, but slob state officials can leave a deer suffer for 24 hrs in 100 degree heat with supposed fatal injuries throw it in a truck then go have lunch.

and i sure hope it`s just my eyesight maybe one of you guys can pick out some sort of injury to this deer that would indicate it was hit by a car as he says it was. i did`nt see any and i looked it over with the binos awfully well.

hope everyone had a good 4th.
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