Too Late for Corn?

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Too Late for Corn?

Postby jmurphy168 » Sun Jul 08, 2012 9:12 am

I Need some input:
First, My family farms (mostly cattel, but some crops). We've planted corn as a means of income, which means we harvested it before the late deer season, but I've never planted corn for late season food plot purposes, I've never left any corn standing. I'd love to hunt over a corn crop in late season. The thought of standing corn with snow covered ground gives me goose bumps... but as small farmers, my family always harvests every kernel of corn we can capture with a combine.

I received some free corn from a local dealer and wanted to give a late season corn plot a try. I live in west central Missouri and we're in the midst of a serious drought. Most farmers are starting to cut their corn crop for livestock feed. I intended to plant corn in some small plots for a late season food source. I didn't plant the corn because I could see the drought unfolding. Although I'm glad I didn't plant the corn because it would be worthless by now, I still would really like to plant it for a late season food source. Like I said, just the thought of hunting over standing corn in snow covered ground gets my blood boiling.
1. When is it too late to plant corn in weat central Missouri (not for a bumper crop to pay the bills, but to simply provide some food in the late season?)
2. If I catch a few late summer and early fall rains will I get some corn produced for the late season?
3. If I do not plant the corn, what is the shelf life of the corn seed?

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