Tracking wounded Deer with Dogs

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Tracking wounded Deer with Dogs

Postby MDTH » Sat Jul 14, 2012 9:03 am

Tracking wounded Deer,Bear ,Elk with dogs in the state of Michigan has really taken off in the last 3 years. This is a great tool when the blood trail runs Cold. A well trained dog can prove its weight in gold. If its your kids first deer or the buck of a lifetime or you simply relay on venison as your primary stable of meat recovering your wound animal should be your primary focus. Once the arrow or bullet has been distcharge from your weapon you owe it to the animal and your self to recovery the game. I founded Michigan Deer Track'n Hounds 2 years ago. We are a small group of Hunters that have taken the time to understand how to train a dog to recovery wounded deer. Currently we have 6 trackers covering the lower 3rd of the state and a few trackers in the northern Lower and one in the U.P. please check out our blog and store our numbers in your phones and Book mark our blog.

We spend all year tuning our equipment, planting food plots, asking permission to hunt private land, paying a premium to join a hunt club, however most hunters are not prepared when it comes to tracking a wounded deer or locating a tracking dog. Good luck this fall.
Rob Miller.

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