Stand vs ground hunting

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Re: Stand vs ground hunting

Postby AustinKY » Wed Jul 18, 2012 8:41 pm

Hey SSGmedic,

Not sure if you're still reading these posts but here is what I've found;

The prone position may or may not work depending on a lot of variables. An open space would work better for the prone position and you would probably need really flat ground without much ground cover. Tree stands work great because you have the advantage of elevation which makes it easier for you too see and cover an area usually. Sometimes elevation helps out with scent, but not always. But I'm not trying to convince you to use a tree stand because I completely understand the issue with safety.
If you ever hunt out west where you have wide open fields of view and large hillsides across from your position the prone might work incredibly well....especially considering if you have to shoot at long distances where you need a really steady aim.....Prone would also help prevent your silhouette from being seen in wide open territory. That's just my perception though, I've never hunted out west.
A ground blind, or slightly elevated seat in a tree with a ground blind around it might work out really well for you. I never liked most ground blinds either unless I constructed them from natural stuff....those are more rewarding to me and I don't have the feeling of "I'm sitting in a plastic box in the woods." Plus a blind that is built out of sticks and stuff you can often see and hear more with your senses opposed to a commercial pop up blind where you literally are blind except for the little windows they provide.
In the end, the prone position might work, but I would imagine for most whitetail deer hunting situations in the woodland areas it would not be logical which is why most deer hunters do not hunt prone. Just my thoughts though, hopefully it helps.


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