Shed Antlers

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Shed Antlers

Postby reeper0697 » Sat Dec 26, 2009 4:47 am

I found my first pair of shed antlers ever on the 22nd. They were right next to each other off our main food plot of clover and chickory (even though it is covered in snow).
I remember last year around this time I had a picture of a nice seven point and then pictures of him after he shed his antlers but I could never find them. My computer crashed so I lost alot of my stuff as well as editing programs amd trail cam pics but hopefully I can recover them. But here is a pic of the sheds. He is a small 6 pt but he made my day by letting me find his antlers![:)] I can't explain the number of hours and miles I have spent looking for sheds only to come out empty handed.

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