NAP killzone broadheads

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NAP killzone broadheads

Postby croz2173 » Sun Sep 02, 2012 8:09 am

I bought some rage broadheads a few days ago and when I opened the package the blade on top was dinged up and dull, main blades had some kind of black resin on them that I couldnt scrape off, and the machining looked generally poor. I took these back to the store to get replaces and every rage they had on the rack was like this.

Guy working there suggested the NAP killzone broadhead. Same idea as a rage but they come with a chisel tip instead of a blade, have no rubber bands or O rings, and the blades lock much more securely than the rage. Couldnt make the blades pop open unless i pushed the arrow into a target. This is the first time I have seen these, has anyone had any experience with them?

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Re: NAP killzone broadheads

Postby charlie 01 » Tue Sep 04, 2012 8:33 pm

I'm glad to see that you check the sharpness of your mechanical broadheads. I have to wonder how many others do. I too, also found that some of the Rage heads to be not as sharp as I like, and returned them. Do not know anything about the NAP "killzone". I'm not a fan of chisel tip broadheads. I prefer a cutting tip. NAP makes a "killzone" with a blade cutting tip. This will be my next purchase when I need more broadheads. I use a "Snyper" made by ROCKY MTN that is a mechanical that is much like a Rage with a cutting blade tip, but with a sharper blade. I was lucky enough to purchase several packets before they disappeared from the store shelves. I believe that the Rage people bought the Rocky Mtn Co. out. Cutting tip mechanicals can be resharpened. It's tedious, but it can be done. The side blades can be resharpened too. Anyway, I like the NAP "killzone", but with the cutting blade. Chisel tip or blade tip, it's just a matter of preference. You should do well.
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