who hunts by tower in st. louis co.?

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who hunts by tower in st. louis co.?

Postby jsjandro » Wed Mar 03, 2010 10:47 am

i was wondering if anyone has hunted the superior natl forest or bear head lake state forest or sturgeon river state forest areas near tower.

i recently relocated to nw wi and my old paul bunyan state forest is a long way away and was thinking of hunting this area closer to home.

i was wondering how heavy gun pressure there is compared to over by nevis, where the gun pressure is very low and you can sit in a tree all season long and not see a single deer drive or have someone steal your climberstand should you leave it overnight. thats the kind of solice i seak to hunt in the north here.

not sure how crowded it would be being near virginia and duluth and all, but thought id give it a shout here.

and btw, the northwoods of wi by me are unfathomably crowded with gun hunters[:'(]
only if we had antler point restrictions...:(

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