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RE: scents...

Postby paulie » Tue Nov 04, 2008 6:16 am

ORIGINAL: Woods Walker

ORIGINAL: msbadger

Food scents are pretty good though....but here ya have to be careful you don't cross the line into bait....I take a mesh bag with a long string and put a couple of half rotted apples in it....when I hit the trail I'll be taking to my stand I stomp the BeeGEEGEE's out of the bag...then drag it to my stand stop a few yrds out and walk a semi circle....I then.... to be legal put that bag in a big ziploc and in my fanny pack....deer come in nose down......for cover I do the same thing with Blk walnut husks they also act as a curiosity scent..............

That's a good idea!  It's CHEAP, and it's natural.
BTW:  The man who still has the #1 Whitetail P&Y buck, Mel Johnson of Illinois, used and still swears by plain old vanilla extract for his deer lure. I've never used it, but if the deer are attracted to it, why not?
  I've heard that somewhere before, I have never tried it myself, but I have heard it works.


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