not expected at all

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not expected at all

Postby Homunculi » Sat Oct 20, 2012 8:17 am

it started raining yesterday so i got out of work early ,, went to the in-laws property and got in my stand ...

i was there for about 40 min waiting on a deer to come in .. when 7 turkey came in ...

all i had was my compound bow and i know i have bagged 2 last year with my crossbow...

as i got up the birds were still coming in .. i was thinking they should have busted me ..

and when the toms started to walk away fast i knew they did as i was drawing the bow ..

a hen got into my shooting lane ... thunk!!!! ..

she took off and i thought i missed but kept hearing leaves over the hill so i got out of my stand .. and went over that way

and well .. she is in the crock pot now... :shock:
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