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Postby 2stroketim » Mon Oct 22, 2012 9:22 am

Good day gents - - -

Quick question for debate with some back story:

Went to shoot my muzzle loaders this weekend. Heading out for a few days, as opening day here is Nov. 3.

My first shot out of my Knight .50 cal we really high. Like 8" high. I thought that this may be due to the fact that I decreased my bullet grain size from the last time I shot, going from a 300 grain Spire point to a 250. Shot were taken at 100 yards.

Without adjusting my scope, I fired another round. Impact was appx. 8 o'clock, just outside the center about 2 inches. The next 3 shots were in the exact same place. Actually, I thought one of my shots had gone "off the board," however, it turns out that the bullet went into the first hole in almost exactly the same place. After some very minor scope adjustments (1" up and 1" right) I was happy with the results.

Moving on to my T/C .50. New target hung. Last year I shot this rifle with a 300 grain sabotted spire point, same as the Knight. The first round out of the T/C was really high as well. Made an adjustment to the scope, going down 5 clicks, which is 1.25 inches. The next 4 shots were dead on.

Fast forward to that evening - - - after cleaning my rifles, I settled in for some reading. Picking up this months D&DH, I stumbled across an article entitles "10 Deer Rifle Myths."

One of the myths discussed was shooting from a clean rifle. The author suggests that the bullet flight could be effected by having a clean barrel. IE: Your first shot my not be representative of the 2nd shot. This got me to thinking.....

So, what are your guys' thoughts on this? Could a super clean barrel alter bullet travel path, quite possibly resulting in a missed shot, injured deer, etc? After my experience with shooting my muzzle loaders, I find that the theory may be plausible. Also quite plausible, is that fact that I could have pulled the shot before settling in.....The author (if I recall correctly) goes as far as to suggest that one should "foul" the barrel with a single shot before heading to the woods.

That being said, I have always maintained my rifles and handguns, and never gave any thought about shooting out of a clean/dirty barrel.

Thoughts? Comments?


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Postby fr0sty » Mon Oct 22, 2012 10:13 am

I use bore butter when storing my muzzy. Before I target practice, I swab out the barrel with a clean, dry patch then fire two primers in the gun. That burns some/most of the bore butter and puts the first shot where it should be. I do the same before I hunt.

My muzzy also shots high if I don't do that.

My rifle experience is the same as the author. First shot from a clean/oiled barrel is always high. I always hunt with a dirty barrel on my 270.

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Postby croz2173 » Mon Oct 22, 2012 12:18 pm

This topic concerns me. Every year at or around Thanksgiving we sight in our rifles. When I get home I clean my gun including the barrel. First day of rifle season is Monday after Thanksgiving and lasts two weeks. Would damage be done to my barrel if I was to leave the bore dirty after sighting in for the entire two weeks of the season?

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Postby Deebz » Mon Oct 22, 2012 12:37 pm

I would think that as long as you start sighting in with a clean barrel and a light coat of Remoil or other lubricant, as long as you clean your barrel after season is over you wouldn't be doing damage to the barrel...
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