Butt Out Tool?

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RE: Butt Out Tool?

Postby shaman » Tue Nov 11, 2008 7:51 am

We use the meatpole for gutting  if it's a deer that's small enough for one or two of us to get  it flopped in the back of the truck.  I've got lights. I've got the tools right there.  Wham, bang, done. However, it only makes sense if they die in a spot where I can get the truck in easily.  I hoist out of the truck, and then lower them back in when I'm done.  I also have it set up so the truck does all the work. When the truck pulls away, it lifts the deer out.  When it back in, the deer is lowered.

If it's biggun, or if it's down in the holler,  we usually gut first and then transport.  However, I have my block and tackle  in a backpack.  If somebody is coming with the game cart, they  bring it all along.  I have a strap that goes around a tree trunk or over a limb.   On a big deer, it's much easier to hoist and then let the guts fall to the ground as lift the guts out, working against gravity.
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