Looking for food plot planting advice!!!!!

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Looking for food plot planting advice!!!!!

Postby djmccoy3 » Fri Jul 26, 2013 8:09 am

I am gearing up to plant my first food plots next spring and have done plenty of research. I am looking for any help on what equipment to buy and use for soil preparation, planting, weed control etc. The areas I am going to plant are clear of trees but full of scrub brush and weeds. I can rent a brush hog to get rid of that so it’s not a problem, but what should I use to prepare a good soil bed? I don’t think a disk alone will work but again I am unsure. I have a 500cc Honda ATV and would like to get some pull behind equipment. If anyone has any input or suggestions on what to buy I would greatly appreciate it. I feel like every pull behind disk reviews I read have bad reviews. Please Help!!!

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Re: Looking for food plot planting advice!!!!!

Postby rthomas4 » Fri Jul 26, 2013 8:48 am

I wish that I had invested in something like the plot master, back years ago, instead of all of the different implements. Moose ATV Equipment now makes a three point hitch attachment that can be mounted on most ATV's that will allow for a wider range of implements that can be used with the 4 wheelers. This would allow you to use a roto tiller, or a conventional harrow. I've also noticed that DR now makes a tow behind roto-tiller that might be something to look into. I use my Kodiac 400 for a lot of my finish work, but I also have a Massey Ferguson for the heavy work, so I'm lucky in that respect; although I would love to have a new tiller and cultivator with the planters, just can't afford 'em.
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Re: Looking for food plot planting advice!!!!!

Postby 1-GTOHunter » Sun Jul 28, 2013 11:20 am

Most Hunters that don't have a big tractor or brush hog to knock down the weeds simply spray the area with Round-Up or some type of weed killer then go in after 2 to 5 weeks and pull a light ATV Disc over the area to break up the soil then plant their seed and pray for rain!

This past early Spring (Feb & March) we went in and cleaned up 4 different areas (2 old logging roads and 2 other areas that were more open in the woods) where we wanted to plant some Durana Clover,we cut down the small trees and raked up the dead leaves then came back in with a 4-wheeler and a small King Kutter ATV disc and broke up the ground real good then put down the Durana Clover and then spread granulated lime on top and with all the rain we got it has been doing very good.

Since we cleaned and worked up our spots early in the year it wasn't thick and green plus it was in the heavy woods where leaves kept the under growth down.The Durana Clover is suppose to be hardier and keep the weeds down and it does well in drier weather and in partial shade!Theres also the Evolved Habitat "Throw n Grow" seeds that are suppose to do well in areas You can't plow or disc up!

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