rubber boots

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Re: rubber boots

Postby Sailfish » Mon Jul 29, 2013 1:14 pm

great, now I'll have to go and smell my rubber boots.
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Re: rubber boots

Postby MZS » Tue Jul 30, 2013 2:48 pm

luvhuntin wrote:Can`t get my feet to stay warm in them no matter how thick they are or how many hand warmers are neatly positioned in them, I`d try switching switch socks but never find that perfect moment to do it before my feet are too cold for it to help. this year i`m going to use something with alot of gore tex and cordura nylon and hope for the best. The other thing i hate about rubber boots is how your feet squeak in them once your feet start to sweat, if there is that kind of friction in the boot it has to be moving air in and out of the boot through the foot hole.

If I wore rubber boots in the late November gun hunt, I would have feet frozen solid like popsicles. Sometimes it can be as cold at -5F. I wear Ice Mans and even then my feet can freeze. I make sure to wash the liners of the pack boots and I spray them down with a scent killer product, inside and out.

This summer I had an interesting experience with the wood ticks. When I wore jogging shoes on a walk, I would pick up 20 or 30 ticks (yeah crazy I know but that is how bad it was) and when I wore rubber boots I might pick up 5 ticks. Part of that is more CO2, but I think the scent had a huge effect.


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