New Deer Hunting Rules

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Re: New Deer Hunting Rules

Postby Sierra » Tue Sep 03, 2013 8:10 am

kellory wrote:
Sierra wrote:
kellory wrote:What tools do you still need? ;)

Well I still need a new bow, and still thinking crossbow. And I have used a muzzleloader, but I have never owned one, so I need to pick one up and work with it. All in due time. :-)

I do still have my Barnett Deamon crossbow for sale. It is what I have hunted with for the last several years. Let me know if you wish to see it.;)

Funny you mention that, I think I might like to see it again when I am back from the trip. Had been thinking to ask you if you still had it.
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Re: New Deer Hunting Rules

Postby Weekend Woodsmen » Sun Sep 08, 2013 9:52 am

Deebz wrote:You'd be surprised at how much light lingers after official "sunset"... It doesn't actually get too dark to see until awhile after the official sunset times. IL has been a 30 minute before and after sunrise and sunset hunting hours rule since I can ever remember. I don't see this as being a safety issue at all assuming people are actually paying attention to the time.

I agree you can see a while past sunset, but in Ohio they just split the state in half and one half has one set of sun rise/sun set times and me being in the eastern most part of the state it gets dark a little sooner than someone who is hunting closer to the middle of the state but still in the eastern set of times. Therefore, for me, if I am in the woods (where lighting is worse) I can usually only see to shoot a bow about 15-20 minutes past sunset as defined by the state rules. If you are hunting the edge of a field it is a completely different story, but I don't usually gun hunt, so I am used to 30 mins past sunset anyway. It only takes on trigger happy person who thinks he sees a deer walking, which is why when I do hunt during gun season I get my light on as soon as I start moving.


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