Summit Climber Slipping

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Summit Climber Slipping

Postby shadow » Sat Nov 29, 2008 1:42 am

I bought a Summit Climbing stand last spring, the overall quality is very good and its real comfortable on an all day hunt. The problem I'm having with it is the rubber coated cable that goes around the tree.
In the old days I can remember and I still have climbing stands that use a piece of metal that digs into the tree for extra bite. Yes, they are a little heavier and a little noisier when getting them set up, but they seem to grip and hold the tree MUCH better. With my Summit, to me its like flying in or piloting a plane, the most dangerous part is the climb and descent, once your up there and you strap it to the tree with the strap they supply its safe.
I notice on every hunt that the rubber coated cable on my Summit will ALWAYS slip somehow, even a little on my climb up or down the tree. And it always makes me feel uneasy using it.  Has anything like this happened to you? And what may your suggestions to me be concerning this. Thanks.

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RE: Summit Climber Slipping

Postby jonny5buck » Sat Nov 29, 2008 8:12 am

i have a summit 'viper' model and have never had a problem like that. what model do you have?second i wonder what kinda tree are you putting on? third how are you pitching the angle to the tree?  if you put on say a black locust tree , with smooth bark and pitch the stand too much it will slip, but it would have to be a steep pitch! i use mine soo much the rubber coating is off ,and still works fine. i think all climbers except a few ,use rubber coating over the cables, this is just 4 noise, shouldnt effect the climber at all. anyway good luck--5buck

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RE: Summit Climber Slipping

Postby JOEL » Sat Nov 29, 2008 7:09 pm

the teeth on the base should be holding it in fine also once your up your supposed to use those cinch belts as a safety.i never had a problem with my summit.only thing i can think off is you have it set too loose go down one 
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RE: Summit Climber Slipping

Postby Ugnasty77 » Sat Nov 29, 2008 8:22 pm

I also have never had a problem with mine. The only thing that i could suggest other than repeating what the other 2 have said is that when you are climbling or decending, i usually give a little extra weight before moving the opposite part. That way u give the teeth a better bite, and it shouldnt slip on you.

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RE: Summit Climber Slipping

Postby pschuh32 » Sun Nov 30, 2008 11:54 am

Like Jonny5buck, I have the Summit Viper and haven't experience the problem you are.  I feel my Viper is the safest stand I hunt from, I love it.  I can't see how the cable could be a problem because the teeth on the stand should stop any and all slipping.  The only time I have problems is when I climb trees that are too small for the teeth to dig in and that's directly a resulf of my supidity.  If you could give us more information on the problem and what stand you're using maybe we could be of more assistance.

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RE: Summit Climber Slipping

Postby dtrain56 » Sun Nov 30, 2008 5:31 pm

what kind of tree are you climbing...I have experienced a little slipae on wet poplar trees..scary but have had a summit for 6yrs, had not had a problem on any other tree

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RE: Summit Climber Slipping

Postby WayneL » Mon Dec 01, 2008 1:29 am

A buddy of mine had a Summit and I tried it out when I was going to purchase a new climber. I experienced the same slipping issue. I decided to go with a Lone Wolf. I notice that if I climb a tree with large chucks on bark sticking off all stands will slip a little. I also use a ratchet strap when I get up the tree. I attach it to the seat and lock it into the tree. The platform attaches to the climber seat with a few straps. I tighted up the straps so if the platform slips the seat will keep it held. Works for me.
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RE: Summit Climber Slipping

Postby mag30079 » Mon Dec 01, 2008 6:01 am

Weird I haven't heard that yet. Like Joel said the teeth should bite in the tree.
One question, is you stand on a slight incline when you strap it on at the base of the tree? This incline is important so the stand levels out and bites in to the tree.

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RE: Summit Climber Slipping

Postby shadow » Mon Dec 01, 2008 2:22 pm

O.K., I've been away for a few days. Thanks for your help and to answer some of your questions..
I have the Summitt 180 SS. My use so far has only been on Maple and Oak trees.
I attach and angle it to the tree so it when I get to hunting height I still have a very slight upward angle or depending on how high I go it may also just even out when I get up there.
Before I start to hunt I also attach the strap they provide to lock the seat portion to the tree.
I also prefer to use this stand on trees that have had old branches that have fallen off or been cut in order to give these coated cables a place to "hold onto" when I climb.
I have also noticed that the teeth on both sections of the stand do not come to any type of a point, they are not sharp like on my old stand, they are actually squared off.  Could this have anything to do with it?  Should they be this way or should they be sharp in order to bite into the tree?
And when I climb and descend I also put my weight into it so these square teeth bite as much as they can into the tree.
Like I said comfort is great, and also after locking it to the tree with the safety strap it doesn't move and I feel fine, its just getting there thats always a little nerve-racking. Thanks for your help with this.. I obviously want to stay and be safe when I use this so your thoughts and advice is appreciated.

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RE: Summit Climber Slipping

Postby 4bucks » Tue Dec 02, 2008 2:22 pm

I had a Summit Goliath. After I fell and tore up my knee I sold it and bought an Equalizer treestand. Summit is a great stand. Just be careful about the angle in which you attach the stand to the tree. Also, If I had my harness connected I would still own a Summit. Read my post in the falls or near falls forum. Just sold it due to bad memories


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