East TN Hunting Club with openings

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East TN Hunting Club with openings

Postby Regina » Tue Oct 08, 2013 12:27 pm

Buck Hunters Hunting Club has openings. Membership special join now for only $300 and get the rest of deer season and get spring turkey also normally $500. Visit us at http://www.buckhuntershuntingclub.com to see the properties that we have or call (423) 533-2084 for more information. Our properties are located in Scott County and Cumberland County.
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Some of the deer that has came off our club
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Re: East TN Hunting Club with openings

Postby kellory » Tue Oct 08, 2013 5:24 pm

Regina, your spam is getting quite obvious. You have posted 3 times, and in every posting, you contain an ad for your business. This is NOT a bulletin board for your lost dog or little league sign up lists. Knock it off.
If you wish to advertise on here, you will follow the rules just like every other advertiser and you must go through Big Ben first! He is the man in charge here, and it is up to him and his staff as to who is allowed to sell on here. it is not a free service.
pardon me , if i seem like a hard a$$ about this, but we see a lot of one time wonders, selling gewgaws, and wonder lures, even purses and Jewelry! We have been flooded with auto-spam by computers with auto dialers. (if you wish to see what I am talking about, take a look at the crossbow section, i believe it is STILL screwed up!
To advertise, you must contact Big Ben at this address: E-mail me at Ben.Sobieck@fwmedia.com.

Enjoy the forum, and the people, there is quite a lots to learn here, and some of the finest hunters, it is my pleasure to know. Hopefully, you will become one of them. However, Ben relies upon us, to point out spam, and once found, spam is removed, so please.....follow the posted rules.
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