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Re: Fishing

Postby Sailfish » Tue Sep 03, 2013 7:19 am

Made it out Saturday, despite the forecast by the local weather man:
5kt winds, 1' seas, some scattered showers in the AM, thunderstorms in the afternoon.
What we encountered once the sun came up and our baitwell was full, was 25KT + winds 3' seas, lightning and wicked thunderstorms for miles north, west and south. We ran for safety nearer shore and took spray and/or every wave over the gunnels/bow.

Did some bridge fishing until it cleared. Then around 10 we ran 30 miles to a wreck that didn't produce. Ran another 14 miles out to 100' to a wreck and hit some nice mango snapper and dolphin:
We came for the amberjack but nothing doing they just weren't here, so we moved a mile to some hard-bottom I hadn't fished in 5 years and got into some big red grouper with the first bait down (notice how the seas flattened right out): THey pull the whole way up, its a blast in 100'

Since we left offshore very late, it was time to head back in so we wouldn't get caught in the daily afternoon t-storms, but decided to stop one last place about 8 miles in for some gag grouper. Instead we got into non-stop scamp grouper! I've never caught them like that. Ever. Many say (i'm in agreement) they are in the top 3 finest eating fish in the sea.

All total we got a mess of fish: Spanish Mackeral, dolphin, red and scamp grouper, mango and lane snapper. I don't recall having such a variety like that in some time.

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Re: Fishing

Postby Sierra » Tue Sep 03, 2013 8:02 am

Sailfish wrote:Great to hear!

I love KW. Lots to see and do.
Day and night.
Irish Kevins for a song and a beer (guy plays irish music on his guitar and puts on quite an interactive show with the patrons)
Mallory Square at Sunset
Take a snorkle trip to a reef(if you really have the time take the boat to the Dry Tortugas!) if you don't have a boat.
Pepe's for breakfast. $$1/2
Hogfish Bar and Grill $$1/2 (its on Stock Island) for lunch or dinner. (not sure if you imbibe or not, but they also make the BEST margarita in KW)
Conch Republic $$1/2 is fun place to eat (its on the marina).
Blue Heaven $$$
If you venture up to Cudjoe Key there is a place called the square grouper $$$1/2 really good food.
I have a buddy who is a charter captain. If your interested in some serious Blue Water fishing.

Anyways, I could go on. Its your trip, have fun, if you have any me.

BTW........there really is no beach in KW....not really.

Thank you for the list of places! Adding this to my travel info. You know, I do actually have a question. Is it best to rest a car, or just walk/get public transportation (if there is any)? Or rent scooters? Bikes? That's my only concern, since I read that it's small and congested down there. We're flying in and just staying for two days. We're probably just bringing what fits in a couple backpacks. Also not too worried about the beach. Just want to check the place out. :-)
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Re: Fishing

Postby Sailfish » Tue Sep 03, 2013 8:50 am

Sounds like how we travel.
If your in KW proper IE along or just off Duval then you can walk everywhere.
We pretty much have walked this entire area in red. We stay typically near the middle of this area.
Renting a moped is fun. Depending on where your staying they may even have bikes for free for you or you can rent.
Really a rental car isn't necessary unless your just uncomfortable with a moped and near the entrance to the island or the Stock Island area.
Have fun

"Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you'll be able to see farther."

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Re: Fishing

Postby rainbow » Mon Oct 28, 2013 9:58 pm

An exciting fishing trip! Glad to see these pictures. You must have a great time!


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