Georgia hunters time to check in

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Re: Georgia hunters time to check in

Postby cracker1 » Mon Nov 11, 2013 7:21 am

Saturday my daughter and I headed to the woods in thomas county. there was plenty of movement 9 does and 2 small spikes and 4pt. None were
chasing. the spike that i thought sure my daughter would shoot was trailing two doe but in no hurry just about 40 yads behind them. Sat was cool 42
but warmed up quick. scrapes are plentiful but appears to be pre-rut . going back this weekend will keep you posted. I was really proud of my 18yr
old daughter. she really loves the woods and hunting with me which i cherish. She had the chance to shoot the doe or spike but decided they were
to smalll and young. Just her being with me and enjoying what God has given to us is a Blessing in itself.


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