Retrieving Game Across Property Boundaries.

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RE: Retrieving Game Across Property Boundaries.

Postby deercrazyinwi » Sun Nov 30, 2008 1:35 pm

Gafrage, I must appolagize to you for the misspelling of of your name/handle on my last post, was not until i checked for responses that realized i had made the spelling error.   

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RE: Retrieving Game Across Property Boundaries.

Postby wack » Mon Dec 01, 2008 8:38 am

I hope you at least left the gut pile on your side of the fence?
I'd simply apologize for trespassing and send them a nice gift as a piece offering, go plow there driveway out, do something neighborly..You screwed up, you're a schmuck, own up to it. She thinks it's a big deal, , you have to respect that. Offer her the deer in question, promise you wont do it again, make a deal that a phone call either way will get cooperation in the future even if that means splitting the meat. If sucking up nicely doesn't work, you can always build a bigger fence, but it's harder to tear down fences than to build them. MUCH HARDER. You started on the wrong foot so you're going to have to take the extra step to set things right. Once you get things calmed down then maybe suggest some sort of QDM cooperation or if it goes the other way, live with the fact that you can not cross the line. I've been hunting public and most of the deer I've seen were off limits. That's hunting. Shooting a deer and keeping it from crossing property lines unfortunately is also apart of hunting. Been there many times with my bow.
 I only know this from experience because one day I was the schmuk who did the same thing. Wasn't a big deal til someone else had a problem with it. If roles were reversed, treat thy neighbor as you would have them treat you and in this case treat thy neighbor as they wish to be treated. If she doesn't want to see you retrieve game, don't let her see you retrieve game. If that means go by night, be prepared to pay the price. If you can not afford the price of getting caught, don't do it. It may not be the price of just one ticket, DNR never write just 1 ticket. You start a fued and everyone looses. Make friends, be nice, you'll get much further.
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RE: Retrieving Game Across Property Boundaries.

Postby Fish » Mon Dec 01, 2008 11:40 am

Very good topic and a very difficult situation.  As a landowner and a hunter that hunts on "permission" property, the situation is a bit different. 
As a landowner, there is a gentleman's agreement.  Usually, track and retrieve the animal.  If seen by the adjacent landowner, usually we'll assist the other in the retrieval.  I can't say every landowner is the same but usually they understand the ramifications of not doing this.  One time I was walking down a trout stream and into another persons 80.  Not illegal to do this but I did run up to him and his kid fishing.  He blew a gasket, I apologized(not for being where I was but for interfering with his son's luck fishing).  He continued on and I kept my cool.  At the end, I just looked at him and said, "Isn't your son's stand just over the ridge from mine?"  He knew my point and his tone changed.
On the land I have permission to hunt on, I always asked the landowner about his neighbors.  If I don't personally speak with the neighbors, I make sure the aggreements there between landowners.  I'm not affraid to get my landowner to come with me if a deer crosses the property line.
With that being said, both instances can still cause friction between properties.  Too many hunters post up on fence lines and shoot over them.  Second, 20 acres is not much land.  Two hunters on a 20 alot without hunting a fence line.  If I was hunting that size parcel, I'd make sure I could retrieve as more than likely, the deer will wonder off(bow hunting).   I would also make sure my stand would be out of sight of other hunters.  A upset hunting group on the adjacent land could easily post off your little 20 and completely mess up your hunt.
As for the guy who had his deer tag by another guy, that is about a lousy sportmanship as there can be.  How could he sleep brag up that buck.  On the other hand, it wouldn't happen to me.  I guess my point is, make aquantances with the other property owners and hunters so it isn't an issue.


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