muzzleloading bullets vs powder loads

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muzzleloading bullets vs powder loads

Postby yamazinger » Wed Jan 15, 2014 8:57 pm

new to muzzleloading and ive been testing out my new ML but the accuracy is horrible and when i change powder amounts it gets worse. i have been sticking with 70grs of pyrodex rs shooting hornady SST sabots and great plains cast bullet. i completely clean the bore between shots with a bristle brush and patch. cant get the cast ones to group at all plus they are very loose almost to the point they will fall out on the barrel if i point it down and the sabots only group the first 3 shots then sometimes dont even hit the paper. i went through hell with my 30-06 over the last 3 years and id prefer not to repeat with my ML. any tips on getting accuracy? bullets , how much powder to start with, etc anything to help me get a group

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Re: muzzleloading bullets vs powder loads

Postby shaman » Thu Jan 16, 2014 4:54 am

Okay. Help is here. First off, tell me what kind of ML this is. Make and model. Also tell me the caliber. 50? 54? 45? Is this a brand new one, or is it just new to you?

Second, stop brushing the bore between shots. Over time, that will erode the riflling. It is not the bristles doing the damage but the crud on the bristles. Use a spit patch and then a dry one between shots. That should be enough.

Next, any bullet that falls out the barrel is too small. Those are not for you. Sabots? They're great when they work, but it can be a bear to find the right one. Obviously you have not. I don't know quite what to tell you beyond that for now. Get back with some answers and we will go from there.
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Re: muzzleloading bullets vs powder loads

Postby Muzzle-Loaders » Thu Aug 21, 2014 4:47 pm

The caliber would definitely help, but there are a few things that I can help with right off the bat.

First, I would recommend bumping up your powder to about 100 grains. Most guys use about that much as a starting point, and then adjust a few grains from there. Also, I would change bullets. If your bullet is falling out of the barrel, you're losing a lot of accuracy there. I would recommend trying the Barnes T-MZ sabot, because it is built for a tighter fit that some guns require.

Let us know more about your gun, and we can all give you better information on how to move forward.
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