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Re: cover scents

Postby MZS » Wed Jan 22, 2014 7:32 pm

Woods Walker wrote:The best cover scent that I've ever used is simply keeping all of my hunting outerwear in a sealable plastic tub in which I have a cachet bag that's filled with dried, crushed hardwood leaves. When you open the tub it smells like an October woods. Other than that I play the wind. The best scent is NO scent, but being scentless is impossible. The best we can do is to reduce our scent signiature as much as possible and...once the wind. If you are going to try and "cover" your scent, then use odors that are common in the area you will be hunting. I mentioned the hardwood leaves. I also hunt a horse ranch and I make it a point to step in any horse poop I see while hunting as that is an odor that will not alarm deer that live around horses. Same goes for cow manure.

I've found that for bowhunting you do NOT want to use a scent that's a food scent or even a sex scent as a cover, because they're also ATTRACTANTS. The last thing you want for a bow shot is to have the deer looking at you or towards you.

Lastly, you need to include learning the wind/thermal patterns in your hunting area under different barometric as well as wind conditions. The only way to do this is by spending time in your hunting area. Off season is s great time to do this. I also use colored smoke bombs at that time, and they have taught me a LOT about the thermal patterns in my area which I thought I knew from front to back. I also carry a squeeze bottle of scentless powder which I use while hunting to check air currents on calm days. A ripe milkweed pod is also excellent for this and is FREE!

GREAT Advice!


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