Hanging Feeders

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Hanging Feeders

Postby ChasinTails27 » Tue Mar 25, 2014 6:33 pm

Do any of y'all have pictures of hanging feeders? Looking for ideas to hang some feeders. We have a big problem with coons and black bears. They will destroy anything that is on the ground to get to food. I'm also trying to see if I can keep the deer from feeding all during the night by controlling when the food is there. Thanks.

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Re: Hanging Feeders

Postby kellory » Wed Mar 26, 2014 5:14 am

Pics? No, but I have hung a few suspended from 1/8" cable.
Make two cables long enough to hang your feeder from two trees. (you could do three, but why bother). Put a loop on one end to act like a synch and pass it around the tree, and pass the other end through it. It will have a snap latch connector on the end.
(This will allow the tree to grow, and is pretty easy to place with a ladder or climber.)
Place both cables at the same hight.
Put a second cable from tree to tree above your mounting cable with a pulley mounted at the center. A rope or cable passed through the pulley, is what raises and lowers the barrel feeder for filling. (Mine was hung at 12' off ground.) If hung.lower, you could fill it in place with an "A" frame ladder. But it will move on you.
I lowered mine down to about 1' to fill it, using a plastic carboid as a funnel(perfect size and fit for a standard screwout plug on a 55gal or 30gal barrel) .
When full, raise and attach to hanging cables.
A large barrel will hold @8, #40 bags of corn. And barrel will need to be modified with three muffler pipe "U" clamps at top center for raising, and at top sides for hooking on to hang. Small hands work best for the nuts are inside the barrel. I used a Kenco Straight Shooter for a timed feed in one direction.
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