2009 Hunting Fee Increases

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RE: 2009 Hunting Fee Increases

Postby ranwin33 » Fri Dec 12, 2008 4:45 am

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As for out of state hunters, well, it is like this, if the border states did not charge so much for out of state hunters, Missouri would not be as motivated to charge more for out of state hunters here in return. In fact, I recall why they added surcharges that were state specific, mainly to match what those states were charging Missouri hunters to hunt as out of state hunters there.

I may displease some because of my views, but if I get treated with hardball tactics as an out of state hunter, why would I not ask my home state to return the hardball stance upon those out of state hunters who want to hunt here? Missouri, if I remember correctly, is one of the few states that doesn't lottery out of state hunters. Then again, in Kansas landowners, if I remember correctly, can sell their landowner tags for profit to a guide service for use by their guided clients. I think there is more risk of trophy hunting taking over in Kansas than there is in Missouri. I think I would have a better chance of hitting a Kansas deer with my truck than I would of getting an out of state Kansas deer hunting permit.

You would be correct - Missouri did charge out of state hunters from certain states a surcharge on tags to match what other states were doing to Missouri hunters - at least at one time.  I cannot say if that still happens or not as we own close to 100 acres and with non-resident landowner status I didn't get hit with the surcharge.
I would also agree that Kansas is trending toward a trophy hunting state if not already there, and I do not necessarily agree with what is going on.  But Kansas doesn't have near the deer population that Missouri does so I am not sure you can make a comparison between the two states.  If Missouri wants to try and control it's deer population, then it needs out of state hunters far more than Kansas does, that's just the way the numbers work out.
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