Welcome Georgia Hunters

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eagle eye
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Welcome Georgia Hunters

Postby eagle eye » Wed Oct 07, 2009 7:27 am

Deer and Deer Hunting on-line has just started a forum for Georgia.

It will be my honor and a pleasure to moderate this site with you and try to learn from each other. I have many topics that I would like to get out and look forward to hearing from all of you as well. I feel that the state of Georgia has some of the best whitetail hunting available in the country. I have also hunted in Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Florida, and Alabama. My main love is Bow hunting and I try to approach all of my hunts with that must get close mentality, and physically, I enjoy the hunt, every aspect of it.

Just a few of the areas I would be interested in hearing about are listed below...
[ul][*]rut do you gauge our season by the north or south predicted dates[*]scent (friend or foe) do they realy help or are they just a marketing gimick
[*]climbers, lock ons, ladders, box blinds and ground blinds or just natural cover what works best[*]Is it best to hunt the does in anticipation of the rut or target certain bucks[*]should you take a doe with fawns on her hip[*]baiting (the endless debate)[*]food plots and minerals, do they benefit the heard or just increase the size of a trophy[*]Updates on areas throughout the state that come from actual hunters in the field[/ul]
John Wojtas
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RE: Welcome Georgia Hunters

Postby GetDirty » Wed Oct 07, 2009 4:03 pm

Eagle Eye
My name is Kelly, I am a part of a 5 man 1200 acre hunting lease in Americus, GA.  I have just joined because of this forum.
Looking forward to sharing our thoughts about the hunting in Georgia.



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