ithica slug guns

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ithica slug guns

Postby BIG JACK » Tue Nov 03, 2009 1:28 am

Hopefully someone can help, I bought a hardly used ithica fully rifled bull barrel slug gun and CANNOT find any information on this model :date of manufacture /how many were made/rate of twist etc . The irony of this whole deal is that I bought a new deer slayer 111 four months earlier ,nice gun real accurate BUT this bull barrel made in NY .....WAY out shoots it touching clover leaves ALLthe time at 100 yds on a good day almost hole in hole w tipped 3/4 ounce federal expanders . DOES ANYBODY KNOW ANY FACTS OR HISTORY ON THIS GUN?

CB on the run
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RE: ithica slug guns

Postby CB on the run » Mon Nov 09, 2009 4:54 am

Did you contact Ithaca? They are back in business out of Ohio. I emailed them about a month ago and had a reply the next business day. All NY records should have transfered to the current owners. They don't have to honor any prior warranties but should be able to give you a history.
BTW- If the gun/barrel you are refering to is a 20ga and you have a source for 3/4oz Barnes slugs, buy them because Federal went to a 5/8oz expander hollowpt in the 20ga. They don't shoot the same out of my gun.


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