The Best Climbing stand????

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RE: The Best Climbing stand????

Postby LBbmoore » Sat Jan 24, 2009 2:06 pm

I had a summit viper about 5 years ago. It was comfortable but the only problem is the seat. The bar that the teeth are connected to bulges in your mid back and can be uncomfortable. I'm taking for granted that its the same type of style if its a viper. I now own a old man vision and its definantly worth your money. It has a seat made of mesh string and you use the tree for a backrest. Its very comfortable man and definantly worth the money. Its not real flashy but its light and very practical. I've sat in many climbers and this one is def the best. Good luck man!

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RE: The Best Climbing stand????

Postby whubbard » Sun Jan 25, 2009 4:41 pm

wanted to update everyone on my decision.  After the first post, I contacted friends and asked to use one of their stands for a day. 
I couldn't find a Lone Wolf to borrow so I have no info on that one except that it is the most expensive new.
First, i tried the Summitt Viper SS.  An easy climb, other than that gigantic seat being in the way the whole time.  Once I got settled and situated, Wow!  So comfortable, I felt guilty being in it.  The summitt system for locking on to the tree was awesome as well.  Very easy to use (even in the dark, i would imagine)
Second, I tried an API.  Cant remember the model.  A little harder to put on the tree with the pins going through the arms and the cables.  Would be tough to hang in the dark w/o a flashlight.  The same thing with the seat.  Padded seat that was completely in the way the whole time climbing.  Couldn't see my feet while climbing or the tree under the seat for the entire climb.  I didin't like this just like with the Summitt.  Once situated though it was very comfortable.  Sat in it that day for six hours and never really wanted to get out of it.  Really great for long day hunts.  This one was a little heavier at 21 pounds than the summitt that was 19 pounds.
Needless to say both were very comfortable, but burdensome while climbing in my opinion.  The weight of both were a little bit of a problem for me, but not enough to disuade me from either. 
Bottom line i just bought another Ol Man lightweight aluminum climber.  The climbing is easy and comfortable.  The seat is not as comfortable as the other two, but comfortable enough for me to sit in for 5 to 6 hours at a time.  I love everything about the Ol Man except for the pins that you use to hang it on the tree.  If Ol Man could use Summitts connections watch out.  Could be the greatest climber ever.
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