Donate venison to Wolf Run

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Donate venison to Wolf Run

Postby shaman » Wed Nov 04, 2009 5:43 am

Here's a plea from Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge in Nicholasville, KY:

Donate your deer carcass to! [hr] Hey guys I think since we are all conservationist in a sense I though you all might be interested. Feed something other than your local coyote's.

We cannot use the organs but all the rest! Thanks so much. You wouldn't believe how this helps us. Not only financially but the deer is so good for the big cats and the wolves love to play and chew on the bones! Its a win, win situation for everyone out here! Let me know if you need me to answer anything other questions. We are open from 12-5 each Saturday if the weather permits. Blessings, Mare

Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge
Mary Kindred CEO

[size="4"]Call a day ahead to meet with Mary to donate your deer.859-881-3449 or email[/size]
Genesis 9:2-4 Ministries of SW Bracken County, KY
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