1st Time PA Bow Hunter

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1st Time PA Bow Hunter

Postby BlountArrow » Fri Oct 30, 2009 7:36 am

Fired up, yes sir.  Heading out this evening and its PA or bust.  After an 8 hour drive north I'm hoping to hunt an actual Rut all next week...unlike the 70+ degree days we're still seeing here in East TN.  Can't wait!  For me, if it isn't a wall hanger it will be walking, but I'm just stoked about seeing deer and hope the good Lord blesses me with at least that.  The locals tell me the 1st week of November is typically the hot time for your Bucks and being that the Rut moon is on Nov 2 this year I hope they're right.  I've taken off the whole week from work and I'm going to hunt, hunt, hunt from Mon - Sat.  This will be the first time I've hunted a full-fledged Rut (hopefully)....where I'm from its always stinkin' hot in November (so it seems) and we dont seem to have the hard, heavy Rut like the Northern and Western States.  I think the Does just come in and out of season somewhat sporatically due to the climate and pressure and we end up having "mini-ruts" if we're lucky.
Spook one my way!
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