Rolls of ground blind camo?

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Rolls of ground blind camo?

Postby Wolf River Hunter » Mon Oct 12, 2009 8:44 am

Anyone use any of the ground blind camo that Ameristep, Primos, or HS Specialties puts out? Typical roll seems to be 56" x12' in Realtree AP for around $20. I was going to paint a wooden blind I built for gun hunting but by the time I buy the paint, primer, and brushes (not to mention the smell) the roll of camo is cheaper.

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RE: Rolls of ground blind camo?

Postby MoDeer » Mon Oct 12, 2009 2:50 pm

As long as you staple the blind material down real good it should last a few years or more . If you leave much of it loose and flapping in the wind it will fall apart in a year or two . What I would consider is how many rolls of camo would you have to buy over 10 or 15 years . I would buy the camo and if you have to paint in a couple of years I would do it in the spring or early summer. I think it is to late in the game to paint now but that is just my opinion .

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RE: Rolls of ground blind camo?

Postby postman » Mon Oct 26, 2009 5:19 pm

Burlap tree wrap works great, it comes in 48"x 30' rolls and you can get it at walmart for less than ten bucks. It's easily paintable, or you can just use it plain, it's a good neutral color and blends in well. It's also easy to camoflage with natural materials. You can even cut a hole for your head, drape it over you like a poncho, add some natural camo such as grasses, twigs, and leaves etc. and you have an instant ghillie suit.
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RE: Rolls of ground blind camo?

Postby shaman » Tue Oct 27, 2009 12:51 am

I just finished this:


and it didn't seem to faze the deer in the least.  As you can see, there's lot's of latex paint in that project.   We were bumping deer all the time as we were constructing it, and they're back out in the fields to either side.

I posted this on another thread last night:  I've carried a can of spray paint out to touch up a stand and then hunted out of it the next weekend. The deer were oblivious, even straight downwind of the stand.
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Re: Rolls of ground blind camo?

Postby kellory » Sun Aug 14, 2011 7:02 pm

I did something a litle different. I tool a comforter of a bed(twin sized) and made a camo sleeve for it. realtree om one side and advantage on the other,sewed three sides and velcro the fourth. cut a head slot like a pomcho at about 2/3 leaving it long behind and short in front. add a reversable double hood (do NOT connect them) Sit cross legged at the base of a tree with the extra over your legs, and you look like part of the tree, sit in the brush with the other side, and it just looks like leaves. Hang it over a string and you have a ground blind. I roll it and sling it oner my back when I'm moving. The camo cover renoves for cleaming. If I am traveling light though, it's a turkey seat and a 2 person pop up spur blind from ameristep. 1 man has 3 panels. 2man has 5. With 5 panels it can inclose me om the seat. They come in two sizes for short chairs and folding chairs.
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