Pop-Up Blinds???

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Pop-Up Blinds???

Postby arodgers21 » Sun Nov 16, 2008 12:36 pm

I am looking to purchase a pop-up blind.  Curious though, since they are so warm especially for bow hunting in Texas, does anyone ever have trouble w/ critters getting in, (i.e. snakes, scorpions, etc.)?  I also am curious do people that own pop up blinds use them year round or seasonally. I am curious if people are starting to swing toward the pop up blind due to versatility rather than a fixed permanent stand that is where it is?  Any response or insight would be greatly appreciated, and will definetley help me make a good decision.  Last question, which pop-up would you personally recommend?

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RE: Pop-Up Blinds???

Postby jerrybrown1949@sbcgl » Mon Nov 17, 2008 7:35 am

I have used a few, in Texas there is a chance that you could end up sharing your blind with most anything. Just look before you climb in.  By far the double Bull is best but also the most expensive.  there are some others tthat work well.   look for something that keeps the fabric tight and does not flap in the wind.  If you are going to bow hunt out of it try setting in a chair an imagine drawing your bow. Do you have enough head room. 
I think Premos has bought Double Bull and some of their prices are better from what I have found.
Ease of setup and qiet material with no internal shadow are the most important think.  Plan your usage. Is it big enough for two hunters, are you going to ever film out of it?  The list goes on but you should be able to start from there.
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RE: Pop-Up Blinds???

Postby jerrybrown1949@sbcgl » Mon Nov 17, 2008 8:27 am

Other things to thiink about are color and is it WATER PROOF.  It is going to rain again in Texas and it is nice to be able to stay dry in one.
Being able to move the blind if you realize the game is taking a different trail or things change is one of the main reasons for a popup blind. also sometimes it is just better to hunt from the ground in some situations.
I have had deer completely ignore a popup blind set of to one side from a perminate blind while giving the perminate blind a wide bearth.  Texas deer are not dumb and they know what that big box is for.
Dont try to look in too many directions at one time set up against some brush or trees so you are not creating a shadow inside.  Before you buy go somewhere where they have different models setup and climb in.  shake in some to see if it rattles in the wind.  They are really handy but money does mean better quality in a ground blind.
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RE: Pop-Up Blinds???

Postby PrairieShadow » Mon Nov 17, 2008 11:51 am

The only one i have hunted out of is a double bull. Personally i think it is overated and hated hunting out of the thing.
I feel that it takes away from the whole hunting experience but probably does increase your odds vs. sittin on the ground without one.
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RE: Pop-Up Blinds???

Postby fireflyparamedic » Mon Nov 17, 2008 3:07 pm

arodgers21. there are a lot of good pop-up blinds out there if you want to spend the money. I personally have a cheaper 50.00 blind i got from a big box store. It is a dog house style blind and works good for the amount of money I spent on it. If I had more money to spend I would get one of the double bull blind style of blinds due to the height difference and interior room they have. I have a hard time in mine when I bring my daughter out with me due too the fact we sit in chairs to be comfortable and that takes up varuable room to draw my bow back without being seen. Those bigger blinds are real nice. Also you have to ask yourself are you going to bring it out set it up and leave it there or take it down after your days hunt. Misfortune in maine I know someone that left their blind out in their favorite spot and the blind was taken by someone else which is totally dispicable. It was a blind this individual got from his father right before he past on and he had it stolen on its first hunt. I hunt on private land but some people still sneak on to the land and hunt there without permission so I do not want my property stolen because lets face it we work hard for the things we have. Hope this helps.

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RE: Pop-Up Blinds???

Postby ARROWSMITH » Wed Nov 19, 2008 5:21 pm

This is my third season hunting from a ground blind, I have taken 3 deer from mine so far this year.  I set it up in the open at the begining of the season and have had deer walk within stabbing distance of it while I was inside. I take a book, mp3 player, lunch, blanket,you name it and sit comfortable, in a nice chair all day. I've had young deer try to all but stick there head inside of it trying to see what's in it but they never see me.  Needless to say I don't sit in my tree stand much anymore.

If you get one I would recommend the one I have.  I got if from sportsmans guide for about $80 and it litterally sets up in less than a minute and comes with a nice back pack carry case that buckles across your chest, and you can still shoot your bow while carrying it.

I would also practice shooting from it to find out what is comfortable for you. I'm pretty tall so I can't just stand up and shoot from mine, I have to either bend at the knees and shoot or as I have done this year, I lay a board across the arms of my chair then sit on that and shoot (by the way I do alot of moving around while the deer are present, and I've never been busted).  The best thing about blinds is YOU CAN'T FALL OUT OF THEM!!

Hope this was helpfull.

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RE: Pop-Up Blinds???

Postby Blake Dandurand » Wed Nov 19, 2008 5:28 pm

agree, blinds are a hunters best friend. i personally have an ameristep stackhouse blind which i cant stand. it is the one with the metal rings that pop open, then you have to put in the fiberglass poles. i severely suggest getting the hub style blinds. i switched and set up is so much easier. i am sure i got the one out of sportsmans guide thats the same as arrowsmith was talking about. and it is the best. 
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RE: Pop-Up Blinds???

Postby danesdad » Wed Nov 19, 2008 6:24 pm

Do you like the shoot thru screens?  Can you roll them up and out of the way?  I'd prefer not to shoot thru them.

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RE: Pop-Up Blinds???

Postby GTOHunter » Thu Nov 20, 2008 9:20 am

I have the "Hunters Den" ground blind from Hunters View and it is a very nice blind to have when it is raining or very cold out and it helps conceal any movement you may make inside or if you have a squirming Youth that can't seem to sit still! [8|] [;)]

I have used mine during Turkey Season and it is set up right now under a big Oak Tree on the back side of a 1 1/4 Acre Food Plot that we have shot several nice Doe's out of it already this Rifle Season.It has the shoot-thru blinds with the velcro edges that you can take off,or roll up part of the way to see and shot through better or simply shoot through them with a Bow and Arrow.It also has widows that can be zipped shut or left open and it has 2 large triangle shaped skylights/openings in the roof it it gets too hot and you need more air.I bought mine for around $65.00 + shipping cost from www.SportsmansGuide.com and they have more different types and styles each month or so. 

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RE: Pop-Up Blinds???

Postby Big Buck Daddy » Thu Nov 20, 2008 12:32 pm

I use one!!  The first one I bought was the "metal ring" style.  I hated it!  It popped out great, but the first time I tried to collapse it down, it sprung open and smacked me in the face!  I hated the damn thing ever since.  I ended up leaving it out during a gun season (on PRIVATE property) a couple of years ago and when I came back 5 days later, IT WAS STOLEN!  It was a blessing though, my wife let me buy another one to replace it (she loves hunting out of it 8)  Now I brush my blind in when I use it and bring it home after each hunt.
I now have an AMERISTEP hub-style and it is MUCH better.  A lot easier to set up and take down.  I leave the mess shot-thru windows in during bow season and take them out during the gun season!  I just have to remember to keep the windows on the back side "blacked out" as much as possible.  Mine has little magnets to hold the faberic window covers. 
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