.280 Ackley Imp

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.280 Ackley Imp

Postby CB on the run » Fri Oct 02, 2009 2:33 am

While dropping off my new slug gun I finally saw my long awaited .280 AI on a Ruger 77 tang safety action. I will probably wind up with a new stock as the barrel contour does not match the former one resulting in a gap. My gun smith offered to fill it in but there is no sense if it will be wearing another stock by next year.
With that being said, anyone shoot this round, have any loading data that produced? I'm specifically looking for data that has been tried whether it worked or not. I have written data for load suggestions. I have 2 boxes of the 140gr Accubond Nosler custom ammo being shipped to start the gun but plan on handloading. Thanks.


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