From the mouths of babes

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RE: From the mouths of babes

Postby wack » Tue Mar 31, 2009 2:27 pm

One of my daughters when around 4 or 5 was riding in a car with grandma when they passed a road kill deer. She saw the deer and started screaming STOP. Grandma Stop! Grandma stopped.
"Back up grandma, back up! Back over that deer!"
"What are you talking about child?"
" If we run over the deer backwards, it will come back to life, run it over grandma, let's see......"  She actually cried when grandma wouldn't back over the dead deer so my daughter could see if her theory worked or not.

 By any chance did the young fellow draw the picture around Valentine's Day? Maybe he was shooting Cupid's arrows? lol One never knows what goes on in young minds unless you ask.
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