Scent Elimination

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Scent Elimination

Postby DoeEyed » Wed Apr 08, 2009 2:05 am

I use Scent Killer soap, shampoo and deodorant. Realtree body deodorant and moisturizer. I wear anti bacterial camo that I wash in Scent Killer laundry detergent. Then spray everything down with Scent Killer spray. Make sure I brush my teeth before I go out and use H.S. lip balm.
What's in your scent eliminating arsenal?
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RE: Scent Elimination

Postby MHHC S. IL » Wed Apr 08, 2009 3:15 am

I use a combination of Scent Lok and Dead Down Wind products.  You can't go wrong with either of them.

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RE: Scent Elimination

Postby Squirrelhawker » Wed Apr 08, 2009 3:31 am


I use Scent Killer soap, shampoo and deodorant. Realtree body deodorant and moisturizer. I wear anti bacterial camo that I wash in Scent Killer laundry detergent. Then spray everything down with Scent Killer spray. Make sure I brush my teeth before I go out and use H.S. lip balm.

What's in your scent eliminating arsenal?

I use a scent killer soap or a lot of the time simple unscented white "ivory type" soap and then apply plain baking soda liberally to all the ahem, "stinky spots" including and especially my hair which I try to keep a little shorter during hunting season.
I wash all my camos in the beginning of the season and they are kept outside as dry as possible, on a line, in rotation. If it pours I bring them in and keep them out in the breezeway away from cooking and household odors. If any get really sweaty or contaminated I re-wash them.
If I am hunting all day but come home for lunch I will dust the aformentioned spots, and my hat with dry baking soda, change camos and I'm gone. This is my basic odor control trip.
I sometimes avail myself of the the cheapest scent elim spray out there which is usually HS. I think the wipes are handy especially for long trips or hunts in warm weather. I have also in years past have used a cover scent called "Essence of Fall" Lately it has not been in the budget.
IMHO, day in and day out, baking soda is the cheapest and most effective deodorant available to the hunter or photographer. If you don't believe me put a thin layer in the cat litter pan before you add fresh litter and get back to me. It is one of the most powerful natural oxidizers known and often the main ingredient in what we pay for in commercial products. It is often just buffered to keep the soda from settling out once a hypertonic solution is made. I don't currently own any scent control gear. I sense it may help but in no way is it crucial IMO to getting close and killing deer.
None of this or what anyone else does will mean jack squat if we don't pay close attention to the wind, particularly when bowhunting.

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RE: Scent Elimination

Postby DeerCamp » Wed Apr 08, 2009 4:11 am

I put all my stuff in a tote and I put it on in the field. I shower before going out using scent killer shampoo ( But not a lot.) I also use the oderless sope as well. Once out of the shower Ill change into somthing cool, like shorts in a t-shirt unless it's snowing out that way I dont get to hot or sweat if its a warm day. I think open the tote and spray a bunch of scent killer into the tote. Ill then head to the woods get out open the tote up and spray scent killer on everything again.
 As I am putting on each part of clothing Ill spary scent killer on each part of clothing I put on.. Once that is done Ill spray myself over again. ( Yes I may be over doing it, but hey its just the way I am.) I then will walk and pray myself every 10-15 yards again with scent killer. On my walk Ill stop and rub up againts pine trees, and have been knowen to roll in the dirt/leaves from time to time. Ill also poke out a few pine needles and chew on them on my way to the stand, as well as cut a branch and put it in my pockets.( If I am hunting privet land.) Once I am about 75-100 yards from my stand Ill stop spray myself again down and wait a few mins to "cool off". Once on that walk Ill be very slow and spray myself once Im hanging my bow/gun on the rope.. Once in the stand.. Ill spray myself down one final time.. Yeah I may tend to over do it, but hey Im a freak when it comes to scent control.
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RE: Scent Elimination

Postby JPH » Wed Apr 08, 2009 4:17 am

I will avoid being product specific.
- I am now using clorophyll tablets (thanks to Woods Walker). This will begin a few weeks before hunting season starts.
- I trim all of my body hair.
- I soak my feet in a mid bleach solution every couple of weeks.
- A wash every piece of clothing and equipment in scent free soap or spray.
- I air dry everything.
- All clothing his kept in plastic bags inside rubber totes and the totes stay outside.
- I carry rubber gloves during the season and wear them before handling gas pumps or other odor producing objects.
- I watch my onion, garlic and alcohol intake prior to hunting.
- I gas up before going home to shower.
- I shower in scent free soap and brush my teeth with baking soda just before a hunt.
- I dry with a towel washed in scent free soap.
- I apply scent free deoderant to my pits, crotch and the bottoms of my feet.
- I dress in sweats, washed in scent free soap for the drive.
- I cover my seats with a sheet washed in scent free soap.
- Everything but my bow/gun rides in the back of the truck.
- Once at my spot, I strip down to the skin and dress in the clothes and boots that come from the tote.
- Each layer gets a dose of scent killing spray as it goes on.
- The last layer to go on is carbon activated clothing. Tops, bottoms, gloves, and head/face cover.
- I carry a bottle of scent killing spray and re-apply as I walk to the stand.
- I chew natural odor gum.
- I carry a pee bottle and will pack out my urine. The only exception is when I can pee in a pond or stream.
- I never hunt against the wind.
- I wash the layers against my skin after every outing, the middle layers after every few hunts and I run the carbon clothing in the dryer about once a week.
I do fudge on this routine when very cold weather or the distance from home forces me to, but I try to follow it as closely as possible.

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RE: Scent Elimination

Postby Everyday Hunter » Wed Apr 08, 2009 4:33 am

Thanks for the lesson in how to earn the title "Deer Hunting Geek." [:D]

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RE: Scent Elimination

Postby Woody » Wed Apr 08, 2009 4:55 am

All my hunting clothing get washed in scent free soap ; then air dried.
It then gets stored in carbon sacks in air tight totes.
I will shower just before I leave home with scent free soap and shampoo.
I will then dry off with a towel that is scent free as well.
I will also put on scent free deoderant as well.
Once at the field I will strip down and get dressed with all the gear from my carbon sacks layer by layer, spraying down with scent killer in between every layer.
Once I put on my carbon layer outers I then give all my gear a final spray down before heading out including my bow , binos, rangefinder and whatever else my be going with me to my stand.
I also eat an apple before taking stand and sometimes munch on one while on stand..(natures toothbrush)
One thing more I will try this year that I read about is buying another duplicat release and keep it with my scent free gear to use just for hunting, so I dont have to wear the release I sweat in all summer into the woods.
And of course to help all this work I always hunt the right wind.!!
When a hunter is in a tree stand with high moral values and with the proper hunting ethics and richer for the experience, that hunter is 20 ft. closer to God.

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RE: Scent Elimination

Postby Patriot » Wed Apr 08, 2009 5:51 am

I fill the tub with about 40 gallons of scent killer spray.   I then beam myself to my treestand (ala Star Trek).  While on stand, I eat leaves, acorns, and utilize a special doe-in-heat mouthspray[:'(].
Oh...wait...none of that is true. 
Similar to y'all:
scent free shower before each hunt
scent lok / blocker clothes all washed in scent free detergent and stored in plastic bags and in the tote
spray down before I walk to the stand, then spray down at base of tree
rubber boots as well
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RE: Scent Elimination

Postby Goose » Wed Apr 08, 2009 6:55 am

Most of this I have done in the past but a couple will be "new" this coming year.

-All clothes (wifes and towels included) will be washed in scent free soap starting August 1st (month before)
-Hunting clothing (and backpack) washed in scent killing soap then dried outside then sprayed with scent killer then dried again, after dried they will go into a charcoal lined bag which will then be placed into a sealed tub(clothing will be washed as needed during season)
-ALL equipment(bow,arrows,binocs,rangefinder,grunt tubes, ect..)will be washed in hydrogen peroxide and then redone weekly based on use
-Misc. stuff like safety vest, blind, inside of my bow case will be washed in scent free soap and water then air dried
-Brush teeth at the truck (because of my smoking)
-Latex gloves worn while getting gas and smoking but as JPH stated I try to fill up on my way home
-Rubber boots washed with scent killer and then when stored put baking soda in them
-Nothing goes in the woods that can be left in the truck(knife,rope,wallet, ect...)
-Shower with scent killing soap,dry off with treated towels
-scent killing deodorant is applied (use this year round)
-Avoid cologne or similar products during season
-Wear scent free street clothes to location and then change upwind of truck(except for boxers)
-Keep interior of truck cleaned and sprayed down with scent killer
-Spray all layers of clothing while getting dressed
-Spray non estrous doe urine on my boots
-Dress light as I can on my way in, when on stand wipe down with paper towels treated with scent killer
-try to walk in down wind of where I think there will be deer and avoid trails that I think deer will be using
-Put on outer layers then spray down again
-only drink water while hunting
-All of my outer layers(except my rubber boots) are Scentblocker and get re activated after 20 hours of use

I might steal JPH's deodorant in crotch area and feet idea, Thanks
I might also look into chlorophyll pills but I'm not much of a pill guy.

Some laugh at me but I do not care, some might think its a burden and thats fine. Do what works for you but I love it and cant wait to try out the new ideas. 

Genesis 27:3 Take your bow and quiver full of arrows out into the open country, and hunt some wild game.....

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RE: Scent Elimination

Postby sv2112 » Wed Aug 25, 2010 5:49 pm

Track down the odors, to see if they may be coming from urine stains, use a black (ultra violet ) light. They work best in the dark. If you see anything glowing, this may be the source of the odor. Come back with a question if you find anything.



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